Model Depose

Remember the days of gigantic fluffy hairdos, shoulder-padded jackets and rows upon rows of buttons? Ah… the eighties, good times. Well, great news: those good times are back! They are brought back to you in a unique, innovative and catchy way by Model Depose. This Dutch act combines eighties synth pop and new wave with modern rock and electro. The sounds and structures are reminiscent genre pioneers such as Depeche Mode, but Model Depose always gives it an unexpected twist, making sure that the music is modern, fit for the new generation. Energetic pop songs are succeeded by intense, layered songs dripping with emotion, resulting in a characteristic and varied repertoire.

During Model Depose’s live shows, many people are having trouble keeping their legs still, eventually no longer able to resist the urge to dance at the band’s tight rhythms and addictive melodies. Frontman is lead singer Roeland van der Velde, who uses his large vocal range to project the partially autobiographic lyrics straight into your synapses. Add to this the pumping bass lines of David Bos, the twin guitar lines of Jobbe Holtes and Casper Vellekoop, and the ultra catchy melodies of keyboard player Mariët Gast. And, not to be forgotten, ‘Nikita’ on drums. Just as the Sisters of Mercy have been playing with their drum computer ‘Doktor Avalanche’, so too does Model Depose have Nikita, the heart of the band. Together, they treat you to a live performance full of energy and diversity.

So, what do you say? Looking for a new sound? Than listen to Model Depose!