Sky Rats

“Please make them stop. Listening to Sky Rats made me realize my musical efforts are nothing more than an embarrassing side note in music history.” – Dave Grohl

“That´s it!” – Amy Winehouse

“There are no more great bands to sign, because they´ve all quit. All I´m left with is an empty desk, the only music now is the sound of raccoons and cats, fighting over what once was called my office.” – David Geffen

It´s lonely at the top, as the old, worn out cliché goes. But clichés become true, once you´ve experienced them, according to famous writer Aldous Huxley. And if quoting dead people is a cliché too, well then that would just complete the circle of irony, wouldn´t it? And not the irony mentioned in the Alanis Morisette song, because there´s nothing ironic about that song. And that, I think, is the real irony of that famous and powerful ballad.

But let´s get back to that first cliché, because of the powerful imagery. Imagine a cold, barren mountaintop, a howling void where no tree dares to grow. Or the aftermath of some terrible natural disaster, leaving nothing but an eerie calm in its wake. This is the Sky Rats experience. Now imagine a catholic schoolboy, dressed in a sailor suit with no pants, prancing around with glowing cheeks. You are sick and should report yourself to the proper authorities for a lengthy road to recovery, safely locked away in maximum security institution, you dirty pedophile!

Sky Rats is what keeps you up at night. Sky Rats makes you want to listen to albums backwards in a trancelike state, speaking in long forgotten, exotic languages. Sky Rats is the rock & roll diesel freight train that slowly eats at the soul from the inside. If this sounds like a cliché, pray that Huxley was wrong…

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