When Soular set out to make music in October of 2011, they wanted to do their own take on what ‘Soul’ means.
Building on the works of such artists as D’Angelo, Erykah Badu and José James, they keep the same beat aesthetic from those dusty ‘Rare Grooves’ crates, but also mix in fluffy guitars, playful keys and loads of interesting soundscapes. Inmidst all of this, vocalist Eva tells the tale of her last few, quite turbulent, years.
The result is something that might be called ‘J Dilla meets Dream-Pop meets Neo-Neo-Soul’.
The five fellows and their leading lady met during their music studies in the cozy little town of Arnhem in the Netherlands, and after their first few tracks out in the open, they are now poised to release their first EP in the near future and also take the stage in their home countries of Germany and Holland.


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